Southern Hospitality Meets New England Charm: The Story of Mowfield Farm

Do you daydream about slow Southern mornings on a historic plantation, sipping sweet tea and reading short stories by Flannery O’Connor? Have you ever fantasized about holing up in a quaint New England inn, sleeping under quilts and walking serenely among the pines? At Mowfield Farm, the best of both these idyllic worlds exists. Joanne and Greg have curated a welcoming event space, building upon the historic property, and incorporating their Southern roots. This farm has a unique charm, and you are going to want to be part of its story. Be our guest, and you will always have a home away from home in the bucolic farmland of Southern Maine.

In 2011, Joanne and Greg bought the property in Cumberland County and began to cultivate, among other things, a dahlia garden. The grounds are both wild and manicured, and give visitors the opportunity to contemplate that space where man and nature intersect. The interior decor is both elegant and welcoming, with lots of house plants and floral upholstery to give you that feeling of being tucked in and taken care of at a great aunt’s. It has all been done with a sensibility that feels like Savannah took a long vacation in the deep Maine woods, while you are a mere 12 miles from downtown Portland and its abundance of excellent food, music, and art.

You will find this cozy estate to be your own, personal oasis from the frenzied outside world, featuring fields, a lily pond, flower gardens, vegetable garden, and 250 acres of forest with walking trails. Party under the stars, or under our tented canopy. Inside, cozy up by the fire, or sit in the sunny, cushioned window seat and contemplate the fields. Host your closest loved ones for a country house party weekend to celebrate a wedding or another significant rite of passage. The kitchen is where you will all hang out for locally roasted coffee every morning, and maybe a Maine craft beer and snacks at cocktail hour.

The story of Mowfield Farm continues to unfold; we are only the temporary caretakers of this land and home. Each person who spends time here, whether as a guest, groom, or owner, adds to the textured tale. Keep us in your heart, and return whenever you need a place to retreat, gather, celebrate and be with your tribe. We cannot wait to find out what happens next on this gracious, historic property.

Book a wedding weekend here and we’ll host your rehearsal dinner, ceremony, reception, and turn your special day into three days of land and house retreat in an idyllic Maine setting.

Shane Wilson