How to Plan Your Corporate Event

Business these days looks different than it did even a decade ago. Many of us work remotely, at least some of the time, in cubicles, coworking spaces, a home office or other non-traditional work models. Corporate culture has, in some instances, become more casual. Maybe we don’t FaceTime with our colleagues because we can communicate via email or another digital platform. When we do come together as a company for a corporate event, it should be grand. We need to build trust, forge bonds, and become team members. How do you create camaraderie and inject some fun into your office ethos? A corporate event is a great way to get everyone in the same room, cut loose a little, learn about one another, and ultimately improve efficiency as well as morale. Here’s how to host a team-building workshop, or another event.

An Organizing Principle Is your event going to be light and informal? Is this an opportunity for professional development or networking? Do you want your people to come prepared with questions, or in the mood to enjoy a good meal among friends? You decide what the event looks like, then instruct employees on what to expect and how to proceed.

Set a Date and Send Invites You don’t want an event where employees feel obligated to have a good time. Let your team know well in advance the what, when, and how of the off-site you are planning. Informed employees are happy ones. Keep track of who is coming with a collaborative calendar, and use your communication networks to keep people in the loop about the logistics.

Be Flexible The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry, as the Scottish poet Robert Burns wrote. Have a plan B. And a plan C. Expect the unexpected, don’t kill the messenger, and roll with the punches. We produce events that are organized and streamlined, but we know from experience that some things happen not quite as envisioned. And that’s okay!

Follow Up How do you think the event went? Is that the general perception? You can send anonymous surveys or offer employees the opportunity to make suggestions. Successful corporate events are grown and developed. Be open to feedback, and start planning next year’s event with their ideas in mind.

Mowfield Farm can seat 16 for inside luncheons, and the property can accommodate 499 persons, if you are throwing a big bash. We are equipped to host Christmas parties, retirement celebrations, speaking engagements, or a team-building experience. We are happy to talk with your human resources department about what shape your event can take. We love planning company parties of all sorts!

Shane Wilson