How to Tour a Wedding Venue: Questions to Ask and What to Look For

Touring potential wedding venues is exciting. It’s a rush to check out different spaces and visualize what your day will look like. Are you going for opulent? Cozy? Do you want to party all night, or keep it intimate? It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the many thoughts and questions swirling around in your head. We’ve put together a quick guide that you can take along for the ride. Know what you want and what to look for, and ask every single question you have of the vendors. You want your Maine wedding to be picturesque, beautiful, and right for you. Don’t hold back in your journey to find the venue that speaks to you and checks all the boxes on your list.

Next to Godliness If the space isn’t clean and organized on the day you’ve arranged to tour it, don’t expect it to be any better on your wedding day. Is the staff friendly and organized? Can they answer your questions? Are they professional? You should never be pressured to book a space before you are ready. Let the buyer beware a pushy or aggressive vendor.

Be Prepared In almost every circumstance, it’s important to make an appointment to tour the venue. Have your questions prepared, in a notebook or on your phone. Take pictures and keep good notes so you can compare venues when you get home. It’s easy to be dazzled in the moment, so it’s best to go over your thoughts and feelings when you are a little more dispassionate. However… remember to bring your checkbook or credit card in case you know for certain you’ve found the one and want to secure it on the spot. Some coveted venues book far into the future. Don’t lose your dream location.

Be Inquisitive You must ask how many people the space will accommodate, and for how long it will be yours. Is there a dressing room on site? Are there any limits on the food and alcohol you can serve? Are there any other restrictions? What are the amenities? What is included in the price, and what is extra? And finally, be sure to ask about the deposit/cancellation/refund policy? You don’t want to consider having to cancel your wedding, but should some terrible circumstances arise, you will be somewhat comforted knowing you can perhaps get your money back.

Look Inward Ask yourself honestly if you can envision yourself getting married there. Your wedding may very well turn out differently than the plans you made in your youth. Can you afford it? Do you like the team? You are going to need their support, and it’s important to like and trust the people you hire.

We hope these venue tips have been valuable. We are certain that by being cautious and thorough, and trusting your instincts, you will select a wedding location that is everything you want it to be. We would love to host your Maine wedding here. Take a look at the amenities we provide at Mowfield Farm.

Shane Wilson